German mobile data network expansion for the UEFA Euro 2024: Everything you need to know

Germany is gearing up for the upcoming European Football Championship (EM) with a major expansion of its mobile data network. This expansion is designed to ensure seamless connectivity for millions of football fans, whether they are locals or visitors. Here’s everything you need to know about these upgrades, how they’ll benefit you and where to find the best data plans to stay connected during the tournament.

Boosting network capacity for the UEFA Euro 2024

As Germany prepares to host the European Championship, one of the key areas of focus has been on improving mobile data infrastructure. According to a recent report by Heise, major telecommunications companies are investing heavily to ensure that stadiums, fan zones and surrounding areas have robust and reliable mobile networks. This initiative aims to accommodate the surge in data usage expected from streaming matches, sharing moments on social media and staying connected with friends and family.

Improvements include:

  • Increased 4G and 5G coverage in and around key locations.
  • Enhanced network capacity to handle high volumes of concurrent connections.
  • Strategic placement of temporary cell towers to boost signal strength.
Mobile phone expansion EM 2024

Mobile Data for EU residents: Seamless connectivity

If you live in the EU, you can take full advantage of the “Roam-Like-at-Home” initiative, which allows you to use your mobile data at no extra cost when travelling within the EU. This means you can enjoy the extended German network without worrying about exorbitant roaming charges.

To make the most of this, consider subscribing to data plans that offer generous EU-wide data allowances. Many providers have tailored their offers to football fans travelling for the tournament.

Here are some of the best options:

  • Vodafone: With competitive prices and strong network performance, Vodafone’s plans are ideal for staying connected during the tournament.
  • Deutsche Telekom: Known for its extensive coverage and high-speed data, Deutsche Telekom offers plans with generous EU roaming data allowances.

Data plans for non-EU residents: Stay connected without breaking the bank

For those from outside the EU, streaming the games can be more challenging due to potential roaming charges. However, there are several ways to keep your costs down while enjoying Germany’s extensive mobile network:

Local temporary SIM cards: Buying a local SIM card on arrival can be a cost-effective solution. Look for providers that offer prepaid data plans designed specifically for short-term use.

E-Sim data plans: Some mobile operators offer international data plans that include Germany. Check with your provider for available options.

Here are some recommended local providers:

  • Lebara: An affordable option with flexible prepaid plans. Lebara is known for its budget-friendly rates and reliable service.
  • Vodafone CallYA: A user-friendly data plan with flexible contract duration.

When choosing a mobile phone provider, it’s important to consider its performance in recent tests., a respected technology and telecommunications review platform, regularly tests and ranks mobile providers based on various criteria, including coverage, speed, and customer service.

In their latest tests, the following providers stood out:

  • Vodafone: Excellent performance with a strong focus on user experience.
  • Deutsche Telekom: Top marks for coverage and speed, making it a reliable choice for seamless connectivity.

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Germany’s mobile data network expansion in preparation for the tournament will help fans stay connected and enjoy the event. Whether you’re an EU resident taking advantage of free roaming or a non-EU visitor looking for affordable connectivity options, there are plenty of plans and providers to choose from. By doing a little research and choosing the right plan, you can ensure your mobile experience during the Euro is seamless and enjoyable.