FAQ – TK Techniker Krankenkasse

You have to ask before applying for health insurance? Do you have questions about applying for health insurance? We have answered a variety of questions for you.

Questions or problems with our online form

You have made a mistake when you filled out the form and now you have already received an confirmation of the health insurance provider? No worries. Please contact us as soon as possible or reply to our application confirmation.

If you have already received a confirmation of insurance from TK, please contact us with your insurance number: Techniker Krankenkasse

You have filled out the application form on our website but did not receive anything? Don't worry. This should not happen, but if it does, it was probably a glitch and you don't have to submit the form another time (which takes time, right?). We will try to retrieve it and send it to you another time.

What you need to do

  • Please check your inbox/spam folder
  • Simply get in touch with us (use the form below)!
  • Our team will get back to you within 2 working days, but usually on the same day.
  • We will re-send the completed deregistration form to the email address you provided when you submitted the form. You can then print the form and take it to the deregistration office (or send it there!).

3 Things you can do

  1. Sometimes delivering letters and having the processed by the health insurance provider can take a few days (2-5 working days). Perhaps you want to wait a little longer.
  2. If your matter is urgent and / or none of the other methods work: Get directly in touch with us or call the health insurance provider: