Private Liability Insurance

Getsafe – Mobile Insurance

You want to stay safe at any time?
You don’t want to think of financial risks in case you accidentally damage another person or its equity?
You want to avoid the complexity of insurances and like to have everything accessible and manageable in an app on your smartphone?

Getsafe is providing you a simple and transparent insurance experience!

  • Only pay what you really need.
  • Every documents and information on your phone.
  • No fixed contract period.
  • English-speaking customer support.
  1. Following the link on this website to sign up for a liability insurance
  2. Download the Getsafe app.
  3. Sign into the app with your email address.
  4. Stays safe with Getsafe

It’s as simple as that.

Get insured without much effort.
Download the app → get your coverage → be insured.
It’s insurance – just simple.

As an expat you don’t want to waste your time for searching for the right insurance. You just want to be safe and no administrative paperwork.

We offer you fair prices, super service, no tricks with your contracts, and the perfect product for your needs.

A liability insurance from Getsafe covers:

  • personal and property damage up to €25 million
  • damages to borrowed and hired property
  • exchanges of locks (in case of a key loss)
  • rented property damages
  • damages due to sport activities

If there are any questions about our product or the coverage please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support or visit our website.

4,70€ per month