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Get a German residence permit for the purpose of employment.

You are a German company that wants to offer employment to an applicant who needs a visa. Or you are an employee and have signed a work contract with a German company? Great! Now it’s time to learn about how this works. Scroll down, and you will find an explanation on how to apply for the work visa by yourself or how to get it with one of our expert’s support.

Good news: EU citizens don’t need a working permit. They can travel to Germany, register, and start working without any restrictions!

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Please note that on this website we exclusively describe the process for international employees who want to work in a company that is based in Germany. For freelancers or students who want to work in Germany the visa application processes may vary.

Work Visa Germany
Digital solution – Apply for a German work visa by yourself
  • Step-by-step guide to applying for a work visa
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  • What difficulties to expect
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Work Visa Germany
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Digital solution: Apply for work visa by yourself

Get a German residence permit for the purpose of employment.

Applying for a German work visa is no doubt a complex process. There is a lot of contradictory information circulating online. The first step is obtaining a valid employment contract from the German company. After that is done, more paperwork is waiting. Documents must be gathered and translated into German. An appointment must be made at the German embassy – and, if everything works out fine, another one at the foreigner’s office in Germany. An interview must be attended for the electronic residence permit (eAt). Challenges await you at every step of the way.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of what you need to do, if you want to apply for a  residence permit for the purpose of employment in Germany! Do it yourself online!

Why should I ask an expert to support me?

We will help you avoid making typical mistakes and guide you through the application process efficiently. There are many aspects to consider and double-check to avoid that your application is denied and you have to start all over again. A new application can take months and the job offer or promising candidate may be gone. Time and cost-intensive mistakes can be avoided with the help of an immigration expert.

How does it work?

1. Check if the university degree is accepted in Germany. Visit the federal government’s information portal for the acceptance of job qualifications. Unfortunately this website only exists in German. If you cannot find your degree on there, you can get your degrees checked on here.

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2. General information on the topic can be accessed here (in English)

3. Do you have a job offer or a contract of employment?

4. A residence title which enables you to work in Germany usually requires the approval of the German Federal Employment Agency. To speed up the process, your employer can request an approval ahead of time from the Federal Employment Agency.

5. In some cases a working visa can be issued without the pre-approval of the Federal Employment Agency (i.e. Blue Card).

6. Get information on the websites of the responsible German diplomatic representations about the necessary documents (normally these are, contract of employment, university degree or other qualifications for job, CV, application form, pre-approval letter from the Federal Employment Agency)

7. Book an appointment to get a visa. Most embassies use an online system, sometimes you have to book the appointment via phone. All relevant information is on the relative website.

8. When applying, you have to pay a fee. Right now it’s 75 € for adults. This fee is usually paid in cash in the local currency. Please follow the advice of the diplomatic residence.

9. Please pay attention that all your documents and copies or scans are completed. If some documents are missing, the embassy may not accept the application and you have to book a new appointment. In some countries the waiting time can take a couple of weeks.

10. After the application, you/ your employee may keep the passport,  and the embassy or consulate will notify you via e-mail as soon as the visa can be picked up.

11. After your arrival in Germany, you register at the local registration office and schedule an appointment at your local foreigner’s office to apply for an electronic residence title. The fee for that is approximately 100 € per person (and approximately 60 € per child). Please pay attention that all your documents are complete. Otherwise the issuing of your electronic residence title may take longer.

12. Once your card has been made (takes about 3 weeks) you receive an information and you can pick it up.

Can’t I do it myself?

Of course you can. This takes a lot of time and patience. German language skills are of advantage, especially when you don’t only have to deal with a German embassy, but with public authorities in Germany. The devil is in the details and the responsibility often lies with the future employer and not the applicant.

How much does it cost?

You only have to pay a fee about 175€ per person (children pay less); 75€ for the visa application in the German embassy, and about 100 € at the foreigner’s office in Germany.

Move to Berlin

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Our Services and Pricing

We offer comprehensive assistance with visa and residence/work permit applications in Germany. Our services cover various types of permits, including initial applications, extensions, changes of residence permits, and change of employer. All prices are indicated net.

  • Visa & Residence/Work Permit: Our service fee for assisting with the visa and residence/work permit application is 890,00 €. We provide guidance and support throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth and successful application.
  • Spouse Visa & Residence Permit: For accompanying partners applying for a spouse visa and residence permit, we offer our services at a discounted rate of 300,00 €.
  • Child Visa & Residence Permit: For accompanying children requiring a visa and residence permit, we offer our services at a discounted rate of 150,00 €.
  • Extension Residence/Work Permit: If you need assistance with extending your existing residence/work permit, we offer our services for a fee of 400,00 €.
  • Change of Residence Permit: Should you require a change in your existing residence permit, we can assist you with the application process for a fee of 400,00 €.
  • Change of Employer: If you are changing your employer in Germany and need to update your residence permit accordingly, we offer our services for a fee of 400,00 €.

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing personalized support and ensuring that all necessary documentation and requirements are met. With our assistance, you can navigate the complex process of obtaining or modifying your visa and residence/work permit in Germany.

Please note that the pricing mentioned above is subject to change and may vary depending on individual circumstances. For a precise quote and to discuss your specific needs, we recommend contacting us directly.

Entry visa & residence permit

The visa is your entry ticket to Germany. It is usually valid for 3–12 months. Before your visa expires, you need to apply for a German residence & work permit, which is usually valid for several years. Each visa and each permit is linked to a specific purpose of stay.

What kind of residence permit can I apply for?

You can apply for the following types of residency based on your circumstances:

  1. Blue Card: If you have a university degree, which is acknowledged in Germany an annual income above 58.400,00 € (2023) you can apply for a Blue Card. The application process for the Blue Card is relatively simple.
  2. Standard work visa: If you are a professional below the Blue Card level, the process is more complex. Once you have a specific job offer in Germany, the Federal Employment Agency has to approve your work permit. They will also ensure the legality of your work contract and the adequacy of the salary.
  3. IT specialist: In case you are an IT specialist but you do not have a university degree, you can still apply for a work visa. You need a specific job offer and you need to prove at least 3 years of professional experience in the regarding IT field.

If your specific case is not mentioned, it is recommended to contact the appropriate authorities, as there may be different regulations that apply to your situation.

General Requirements for Working in Germany:

  1. Official Work Permit: It is essential to obtain the official permit before starting work in Germany. Working without the proper authorization is not permitted.
  2. Registered Address: To apply for any type of residence permit, including a work permit, you must have a registered address in Berlin or Germany. Renting a furnished apartment is recommended as it allows you to register your address and facilitate subsequent paperwork.
  3. Health Insurance: Health insurance is mandatory in Germany and is a requirement for obtaining a residence permit. It is important to note that the process of getting insured can take a few weeks, depending on your individual circumstances. We have insurance experts who can provide guidance and advice in English to help you explore your options.