Household Contents Insurance

This insurance covers the contents of your house or flat. For example, it pays if your furniture or clothing is stolen or damaged by fire, storm or water. The cost depends on the size of your home, among other things. It is particularly worthwhile if you keep valuable items in your home.

Essential facts in a nutshell:

  • Home contents insurance offers protection against fire, tap water, burglary, robbery, vandalism, and natural hazards (storm, hail, and other natural hazards).
  • The entire household contents are insured. In the event of an insured loss, the replacement price of items of the same type and quality in as-new condition (replacement value) is reimbursed.
  • It would be best to take out insurance for a sufficiently high sum.

Read our FAQ’s about Houshold Insurances in Germany!

Your Options

The value of everything you have in your apartment/house is often underestimated. Imagine replacing everything after a total loss (for example, due to a fire). That’s where household insurance protects you. Read our FAQ’s about Houshold Insurances in Germany!

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Insure your household –
With Getsafe
  • Digital & Easy with an App
  • Compensation for the value of a new item
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Cover even in cases of gross negligence
  • English speaking customer support
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Insure your household –
With AXA
  • Sum insured € 650 per sqm
  • Worldwide coverage
  • from only 1,75€ / Month
  • English speaking support
  • Cancel anytime

Apply online: Get Insured with Getsafe

GetSafe offers household insurance to protect your home and personal belongings. With this insurance, you can be covered against risks such as fire, water damage, theft, and vandalism. It also covers liability for damages you or your family may cause to others.

GetSafe’s household insurance is flexible and customizable, allowing you to choose the coverage that best suits your needs. You can also easily manage your policy through the GetSafe app, which makes it easy to file claims and get support from their customer service team.

One unique feature of GetSafe’s household insurance is their “Digital Safe” service, which allows you to store important documents and files securely in the cloud. This way, you can access them from anywhere and never have to worry about losing important papers.

Household insurance

What is Covered

Burglary, robbery, vandalism

If thieves target your home and steal your belongings, such as electronics, furniture, cash, and jewelry, you’re covered by Getsafe Contents Insurance. Theft could occur during a break-in or a robbery (where force or threats are used).

Additionally, thieves may vandalise your home during a break-in. Getsafe covers you in all of these situations.

Damage caused by fire

If a fire breaks out in your home, your possessions are at risk.
Likewise, smoke can also damage household goods. A faulty electronic device, cooking, or candles are common causes of fires. However, Getsafe covers you for these eventualities.

Damage caused by leaking water

All homes in Germany have running water. This means leaks can happen. For example, pipes within the wall could leak and damage your walls as well as possessions within your home. Alternatively, your washing machine might leak and damage nearby furniture that you own. Taps are another appliance in your home that could leak. Getsafe Contents Insurance covers you for damage caused by leaking water.

Damage caused by storms

If your home contents are damaged during a storm by hail or strong winds, Getsafe contents insurance will cover you. A typical example would be garden or balcony furniture becoming damaged. We also offer a Natural Disasters extension to offer greater protection against extreme weather, including earthquakes, avalanches, and heavy snow.

Your main advantages at Getsafe

There are several advantages to having a household insurance policy with Getsafe. Firstly, their “Hausratversicherung” protects the items in your home from a variety of risks, including burglary, robbery, vandalism, fire, leaking water, and storm damage.

In the event of a covered incident, Getsafe offers compensation for the value of a new item, ensuring that you can replace your belongings at their current market value. This can provide peace of mind and help to avoid financial strain after a loss.

Another advantage of choosing Getsafe is their worldwide coverage. This means that your possessions are protected not only within your home but also when you take them with you while traveling.

Furthermore, Getsafe covers even cases of gross negligence, which is not always the case with other insurance providers. This means that if an accident happens due to your mistake or carelessness, you are still covered.

In addition, Getsafe offers English-speaking support, making it easier for non-native German speakers to navigate the claims process. Their easy-to-use mobile app also provides a convenient way to manage your policy and file claims from anywhere at any time. Additionally you are 100% flexible — so you can cancel anytime!

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Getsafe household insurance varies based on many factors, such as the coverage level, the location of your home, the value of your possessions, and more. Therefore, it’s difficult to give a general estimate of the cost.

However, you can easily get a free quote on the Getsafe website by providing some basic information about your home and possessions. The quote will be personalized to your situation, and you can adjust the coverage level to fit your needs and budget.

Get your household insured with AXA

The AXA household insurance, or “Hausratversicherung” in German, provides protection for your personal belongings against damage or loss caused by various unexpected events such as burglary, fire, storm, or water damage. The insurance covers items such as furniture, electronic devices, clothing, and jewelry.

One of the advantages of the AXA household insurance is that it offers flexible coverage options, allowing you to customize your policy according to your needs and budget. For example, you can choose between basic coverage or more comprehensive coverage that includes additional options like accidental damage, glass breakage, or liability insurance.

Another advantage of the AXA household insurance is that it provides worldwide coverage, so your belongings are protected not only at home but also when you travel abroad. Additionally, the policy covers damages caused by natural disasters like floods or earthquakes.

What is insured?

AXA’s household insurance, or Hausratversicherung, provides coverage for the items and belongings inside your home. It covers damages or loss caused by events such as theft, fire, water damage, storms, and vandalism.

If your belongings are stolen, AXA’s insurance policy compensates you for the replacement value of the items, allowing you to replace them with new ones. The policy also covers damages caused by leaking water, which can occur due to a faulty washing machine, leaking pipes, or broken taps.

In case of a fire, the insurance covers damages to your possessions, including furniture, electronics, and jewelry. AXA’s household insurance also provides coverage for damages caused by natural disasters, including hailstorms, heavy snow, earthquakes, and avalanches.

AXA’s insurance policy covers the full cost of damages or losses up to the agreed-upon coverage amount. The insurance coverage takes effect the day after the policy is signed, and policyholders can manage their policy online using AXA’s customer portal, My AXA.

Overall, AXA’s household insurance provides comprehensive coverage and protection for your belongings and assets inside your home, giving you peace of mind in case of unexpected events.

Your Main advantages of AXA

AXA offers the following seven good arguments for securing your household with their insurance:

  • Replacement value in case of damage: AXA pays the full replacement value for lost or damaged items, allowing you to fully replace your belongings.
  • Immediate coverage: When you purchase your household insurance with AXA, you’ll have full coverage from the next day onwards.
  • Quick help in case of damage: AXA ensures quick and hassle-free processing of claims, with no long waiting periods.
  • Flexible cancellation policy: AXA offers daily cancellation, providing you with the freedom to cancel your insurance policy whenever you want.
  • Best possible coverage: AXA guarantees to provide you with the best possible coverage. If another insurance company in Germany offers better coverage, AXA will match it.
  • Easy online management: With My AXA, you can manage your policy online from anywhere and at any time. This includes filing claims, checking your coverage, and viewing your policy details.
  • English support: AXA offers English speaking customer support. They have a dedicated English speaking customer service team that can be reached via phone or email.
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FAQ – Home Insurances in Germany

Table of Contents

What perils or costs are covered?

The coverage of fire insurance includes damage caused directly by fire, direct lightning strike, explosion, impact or crash of aircraft, parts, or cargo, and consequential damage caused by smoke, soot, and extinguishing.

For instance, if a TV ignites due to a technical defect, resulting in an apartment fire, the homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage to the contents caused directly by the fire and the consequential damage caused by smoke and extinguishing water during the fire department’s extinguishing work.

In case of tap water damage, insurance does not cover all cases. Burst pipes and burst hoses on washing machines and dishwashers are typical causes for which insurers are liable. Frost damage to sanitary installations is also compensated.

Damage caused by burglary is covered, but simple theft is not. Vandalism and robbery are also insured. If a perpetrator breaks down doors or smashes windows, it is considered a burglary and an insured event. However, leaving windows and doors unlocked can result in the homeowner paying for the consequences. If keys for apartment doors are lost due to burglary or robbery, a new door lock is covered by insurance.

Vandalism damage caused by burglars who destroy apartment furnishings or smear walls with paint is also covered by insurance. If someone threatens you with violence or even uses it and takes objects from you, this damage is insured (this is robbery). Trick theft (scam), however, is not covered by insurance.

Storm damage is covered if it is caused by wind at a level of class eight or higher. In the case of hail damage, the insurer pays regardless of the wind strength. Typical causes of damage include storms covering the roof and hailstones smashing windows. However, many household insurance policies do not pay for damage caused by heavy rain, groundwater, or floods. Natural hazard insurance policies are additional policies that cover these events.

Supplementary elemental damage coverage

If you want additional protection against natural disasters, you can opt for supplementary coverage with your household insurance. This add-on includes coverage for damages caused by flooding, backwater, earthquakes, subsidence, landslide, snow pressure, avalanches, and volcanic eruptions. It’s important to ensure that heavy rainfall is specifically included in this coverage, as it poses a risk to every household.

In addition to damages caused by natural disasters, a household insurance policy also covers possible follow-up costs, such as cleanup, moving and protection, hotel, transport, and storage expenses. Lock changes, security, repairs for building damage, restoration for floor coverings, interior painting, and wallpaper costs resulting from tap water damage in rented rooms are also included. If you can no longer use your apartment due to damages (such as after a fire), hotel costs without incidental expenses are covered. Compensation is usually paid for up to 100 days and is limited to one-thousandth of the sum insured.

While additional insurance coverage is often offered for glass breakage or bicycle theft, it’s important to note that these supplements do not cover risks that threaten your financial stability. However, if you’re interested in insuring your bicycle, you can find more information here.

Insuring Your Household Contents: Coverage and Location

When you purchase household contents insurance, it applies only to the dwelling specified in the policy. This includes rooms in outbuildings and garages. However, study rooms used exclusively for professional or commercial purposes are not included unless they are accessible only via your home.

While your household contents are typically only insured within your home, temporary coverage is provided worldwide for items outside your home, usually for up to three months, with compensation limits. For example, if burglars break into your hotel room and steal a camera you brought on a trip, it would be covered.

During a move, the contents of both your old and new home are insured. Coverage in your previous home ends no later than two months after your relocation, and you should inform your insurance company of the move in advance.

Determining the Sum Insured for Household Contents Insurance

To avoid paying excessive premiums or receiving inadequate coverage in the event of a claim, it is important to select a sum insured that reflects the true value of your household contents. You can either estimate this amount yourself or follow the insurance industry’s recommendation of a specific sum insured per square meter of living space. Typically, this minimum insurance sum is 650 euros per square meter of living space.

Understanding Underinsurance

Underinsurance occurs when the sum insured agreed upon with your insurance company is lower than the actual value of your household contents. In such cases, if damage occurs, the insurance company will only cover a portion of the loss, leaving you responsible for the remaining amount.

For instance, if you have agreed upon a sum insured of 50,000 euros, but the actual value of your household contents is 100,000 euros, you are underinsured. In the event of damage, the insurance company will only pay 5,000 euros if a fire in a room causes 10,000 euros of damage because you were underinsured for half of the total amount.

Premium Calculation and Claim Process

The premium for household insurance is calculated based on the living space or the value of the contents. Typically, insurance costs more for homes located in large cities due to higher risk factors, but the construction class of the building also plays a role in determining the premium.

To reduce the premium, you can choose to agree on a deductible amount.

In case of an insured event, it is crucial to report the damage immediately to the insurance company and the police. You will be asked to provide details about the lost items, and failure to comply with these obligations may result in the loss of insurance coverage.

To facilitate the insurance claim process, it is recommended to regularly document your household with a video camera or a camera and to keep receipts of new purchases to support any damage claims.