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Discover the same incredible deals that locals enjoy in Germany. One of Germany’s best-kept secrets is the Bahncard, which gives you up to 50% off your train tickets. And if you’re traveling within Europe, you can hop on a bus for just €5.

Did you know that with WISE you can cut hidden fees by up to 90% when you send money abroad? Also compare the cheapest gas and electricity providers as well as the best mobile phone companies and much more!

Take advantage of the hottest deals in Germany and see how you can save today.

PS: We update our deals regularly!

Financial Deals

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Free international money transfer

Wise is the best option for transferring money abroad – it’s cheaper and faster than common bank transfers or money transfer services.

Why is it cheaper? Because Wise matches you with someone that is transferring money in the other direction. This saves up to 90% of the charges you would normally pay.


Free German bank account

Your bank account, how it should be. 100% free. Simple.

Using the latest technology, Number26 allows you to do banking securely, fast and online.

You get a free Mastercard and a free maestro/debit card with it. This bank account is just as mobile as you are.


German bank account without Schufa

Do you need to open a German bank account as quickly as possible?

Do you need to show proof that you have enough money to sustain yourself in Germany?

With Onlinekonto.de you can open your bank account in a few minutes.


Get Blocked Bank Account with One Click!

Need a blocked bank account to get a German visa? Studying in Germany?

You only need an ID card or a passport to register and create your account.

It usually takes less than 10 minutes for your account to be ready for transfer.


Get a cheap credit!

Do you want to buy a new car, furnish your apartment, restructure existing loans or simply fulfill a special wish?

Benefit from the favorable conditions of the DKB private loan fast, safe and beneficial!

Important: this does not apply to self-employed and freelancers


Instant health insurance proof

CareConcept gives you the medical insurance proof. Take 2 minutes to fill out the application form. You get the confirmation within a few hours.

Our expat community highly recommends the Expatriate Care Package. Why? Because it was the package they used for their visa application.

Housing Deals

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Get German SIM card right NOW

At Lebara, customers can order prepaid SIM cards free of charge and top them up with credit whenever they want to make international calls, send SMS and use data.

Lebara offers a wide range of national and international tariffs, enabling customers to make low-cost calls to over 200 countries without any contractual obligations.


Energy comparison for electricity and gas

The Verivox bonus promise guarantees that you will receive all promised exchange premiums and bonuses after a successful new electricity or gas contract has been signed – promised!

And all this at the guaranteed lowest price – with the Verivox Nowhere Lowest Price Guarantee.


Rent a furnished apartment

In these furnished apartments you can normally register your residence. The average rental time is between 3-9 months, depending on the apartment.

All incurring costs, such as telephone, internet flat rate, electricity etc. are included in the rent. As such, it provides everything you need for a temporary apartment.


Find the right removal company

Umzugsvergleich.de is a comprehensive website that offers a convenient platform for comparing moving companies and obtaining quotes for various moving services in Germany.

With their user-friendly interface and extensive network of trusted movers, Umzugsvergleich.de makes it easier to find reliable and affordable moving solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Language Deals

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Translate your document into German online

With the lingoking price calculator you can calculate the cost of your translation and directly place your order.

Fast, simple and transparent.

Get an instant quote – depending on the type of document you want to translate.


The free way of learning German online

The major difference between Duolingo and other language learning platforms is that Duolingo is entirely free. But that’s not the only distinction – Duolingo also focuses heavily on visual learning with pictures.

Duolingo is like a game that children and adults can enjoy.

Mobility Deals

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Flixbus is the largest and most renowned bus travel company in Germany. You can travel from Berlin to Munich, from Cologne to Amsterdam, from Dresden to Warsaw… Travel Europe by bus!

Its buses are extremely comfortable, provide lots of leg space, free wifi and toilets.

Travel by bus – travel without stress. No more changing trains or delayed airplanes.


Save 50% on every train journey

Do you like travelling by train? Then you should get a Bahncard. It is Germany’s most popular discount card.

A BahnCard 25 often pays for itself from the first time you use it.

It saves you 25% on every ticket – whether from Berlin to Munich, Cologne to Stuttgart, or Bremen to Amsterdam. 

Get more information here.


Mobile contract with O2

O2 Mobile Contracts are a great choice for all that want to save some money but still need full LTE speed.

If you prefer flexibility you better sign up for a contract that can be quit on a monthly basis.

O2 has recently improved its mobile network.

In cities and urban areas, the network is very good.

Shopping Deals

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Get Amazon’s best daily deals

Save up to 80% in Amazon’s daily shopping deals. You’ve always wanted to buy that fancy coffee machine with coffee beans from Brazil? Or that new digital TV with HD image quality? Here’s your shot!

Be sure to get the things you’ve always dreamt of. Just for a lot cheaper.


Save food and eat cheap

Too Good To Go is the app that lets you rescue unsold food from an untimely fate at your favorite spots.

Use the app to explore shops and restaurants in your local area and save Surprise Bags of surplus food from going to waste at a great price.