Find Short-Term Accomodation in Germany

Finding short-term or furnished accommodation can be a convenient solution for those seeking a temporary or transitional stay. These accommodations are mostely furnished and serve as a first point of contact or a temporary solution for short stays. Our trusted partner, “Move to Berlin,” is an expert in providing short-term accommodation solutions.

When it comes to renting an apartment or house in Germany, there are various challenges like paperwork, limited availability, and language barriers. If you prefer not to face these challenges alone, our team of experts can assist you in pre-selecting apartments that match your preferences.

Your Options

We specialize in helping you find furnished and short-term apartments in Germany, addressing challenges such as paperwork, limited availability, and language barriers. With the support of our partners, we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you discover the perfect furnished accommodation for your stay.

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Expert Solution –
Move to Berlin
  • You get personal support to find a furnished flat that meets your needs
  • Save your time and nerves – we do all the communication for you
  • We recommend rentals where registration (Anmeldung) is possible
  • We cooperate with agencies and trustworthy private persons who offer furnished apartments
Work Visa Germany
Online solution –
  • 3-9 months average stay
  • Apartments come fully furnished, incl. Internet and electricity
  • Use address for official letters and residence registration
  • English-speaking customer service helps with bureaucratic matters

Move to Berlin

Home search – Furnished Apartment

It is our mission to contribute to a positive and welcoming culture in Germany.

People, who move beyond borders, need a home base quickly. The first step after arriving is finding a furnished apartment. We will search a furnished apartment for you, where you can register and start your new life. With our experience and knowledge you will soon feel at home.

Once you are settled, you can begin to explore your new surroundings. The first steps after moving into your temporary apartment need to then be addressed:

  • Registration (Anmeldung) at the Citizen’s registration office (Bürgeramt)
  • Tax ID number
  • Bank Account
  • SCHUFA (credit rating result)

Should you plan to stay in Germany long term, you need these documents to apply for a permanent flat.

How we help to find a furnished apartment

To ensure we can find the perfect furnished apartment for your needs, we employ two effective strategies.

Firstly, we collaborate with multiple agencies specializing in interim housing, providing access to a wide range of furnished apartments. Secondly, we maintain a network of reliable private individuals who offer their furnished apartments for rent. This enables us to swiftly secure a suitable furnished apartment for you or your employee.

Move to Berlin’s long term support

Opt for our convenient service bundle that not only provides you with a furnished apartment, but also offers comprehensive support in finding a permanent home in Berlin. By choosing this bundle, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of throughout your entire journey, from your arrival until you hold the keys to your new apartment …

What are the requirements?

Given the current apartment shortage situation in Berlin, Move to Berlin can only
implement apartment searches under the following conditions:

  1. Since furnished apartment offers are only available for a short time, we rely on your quick feed-back to be successful.
  2. We do not take on any furnished home searches for a budget below 1.200,00 €.
  3. In general your search criteria must be realistic.
  4. You can either have a fixed budget with a flexible district preference or a fixed district with a flexible, generous budget – otherwise the search criteria are too limited.
  5. We present up to 8 available options to you. Only if, through no fault of your own, you do not get any of these apartments, we will suggest more options to you.
  6. You provide Move to Berlin with complete application documents (these are defined by your consultant).
  7. It is your duty to inform Move to Berlin of all your own efforts to find accommodation and to coordinate these with your consultant.
  8. Generally it is not possible to view furnished apartments since they are rented out most of the time. Therefore we do not have the possibility to view a flat on your behalf.
  9. If you ask for an apartment rental, this request is binding. That means, if you as a result receive a rental contract, our service is completed.
  10. For apartment searches, the minimum required net income would be €3,600.00 for individuals, while for families or households with three or more persons, the minimum net income would be €4,500.00.

How much does it cost?

Our expert assistance in finding a suitable furnished apartment comes with a fee of € 1000. With this service, our dedicated team will guide you through the process, utilizing their expertise and resources to ensure you find a furnished apartment that meets your needs. This fee covers the personal support, extensive property research, and valuable insights provided by our experts, enabling you to secure a comfortable and well-suited living arrangement. Investing in our expert assistance guarantees a smooth and efficient apartment search, ultimately saving you time and effort.

Homelike – Rent a furnished apartment in Germany

In these furnished apartments you can normally register your residence. The average rental time is between 3-9 months, depending on the apartment. All incurring costs, such as telephone, internet flat rate, electricity etc. are included in the rent. As such, it provides everything you need for a temporary apartment. This service is available in most major cities in Germany.

Companies such as Zalando, Microsoft and Axel Springer have found accommodation for their employees through this platform. This service is great for those who would like someone else to help them with the bureaucratic paperwork between tenant and landlord.

How it works

  • English-speaking customer service
  • register your residence at the apartment (Anmeldung)
  • telephone, internet flat rate, electricity etc. are included
  • no bureaucratic hassle: all communication with the landlord happens through Homelike
  • How much does it cost

Your main Advantages with Homelike

  1. English-speaking customer service
  2. register your residence at the apartment (Anmeldung)
  3. telephone, internet flat rate, electricity etc. are included
  4. no bureaucratic hassle: all communication with the landlord happens through Homelike

How much does it cost?

Searching apartments on our website is for free. The rental costs depend on each city. The minimum duration of your rental contract is one month. Staying in one of our apartment is similar to staying in a hotel, but it is on average 40% cheaper.