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Choosing the right type of health insurance is essential to providing expats and their families in Germany with peace of mind. Indeed, we want to make sure that you have confidence that your health, well-being and medical expenses will be covered during your stay in Germany. We have pre-selected German health insurance providers who we believe to be the best for the specific needs of expatriates.

For example, we have ensured that their customer service speaks fluent English. And that they can help you find English-speaking doctors. On this website, you can apply for health insurance directly online. Become member of public health insurance today. Are you unsure about whether private or public insurance is best for you? No worries. Simply get one of our experts to help you evaluate what is best for you.

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Work Visa Germany

German Statutory Health insurance

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  • Get public health insurance coverage from day one
  • One of Germany’s most popular health insurance providers
  • English-speaking support
Work Visa Germany

German Private Health insurance

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  • Get special Expatriates conditions to fit your needs
  • One of Germany’s first digital private health insurance providers
  •  English-speaking support
Work Visa Germany

Get Visum Travel Insurance

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  • Satisfies EU visa requirements and your individual needs
  • Available for up to five years
  • English-speaking support

6 Facts About German Healthcare

In General the German healthcare system is known for its emphasis on preventative care, with the government promoting healthy lifestyles and offering incentives for individuals who participate in health promotion programs.

Health insurance in Germany

In Germany, the obligation of having health insurance is rooted in the country’s social welfare system, which aims to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality medical care regardless of their income or social status. All residents, including foreign nationals, are required to have health insurance coverage.

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Public health insurance in Germany

Statutory health insurance (SHI) covers around 85% of the German population, providing comprehensive coverage for medical services, including preventive care and dental treatment. Statutory health insurance means the free choice of doctors and medical care with a high-quality standard. It also implies redistribution from high-income to low-income earners, from men to women, single people to families, and employed people to pensioners.

Private health insurance in Germany

Private health insurance (PHI) in Germany offers comprehensive coverage, shorter waiting times for elective procedures, greater flexibility in choosing medical professionals and services, access to experimental treatments, and potential tax benefits. In Germany, individuals who are self-employed, earn above a certain income threshold, or work for a company that does not provide statutory health insurance can obtain private health insurance.

Who can have a visum travel insurance?

While travel health insurance is a valuable asset for anyone traveling to Europe, not everyone is obligated to obtain it. A travel insurance policy is mandatory only for those who need to apply for a Schengen visa. These travelers must have coverage for the entire duration of their stay in Europe, regardless of whether they’re there for business, tourism, studying, holidays, or any other reason.

Switching between health insurances

As a compulsorily insured person in Germany, if you’re unhappy with your current health insurance company, you have the option to switch without any complications. You can do so by simply sending an informal letter without any justification. Members can cancel their current health insurance with eight weeks’ notice to the end of the month. However, it’s crucial to register with the new insurance company quickly to ensure that there’s no gap in coverage.

Cancel your health insurance when leaving Germany