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Welcome to Hamburg! Your next step is to register your residence at the Bürgeramt. We help you!

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The Problem(s)
  • What does ‘Anmeldung des Wohnsitzes’ (residence registration) mean?
  • You do not know how to to register your German address / residence.
  • You have moved to Germany permanently and forgotten to inform the authorities.
  • The registration form is only available in German.
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  1. Simply fill out the German registration form on this website in English.
  2. Receive instantly all necessary forms and documents. Follow our detailed instructions.
  3. Book an appointment at your responsible citizens office
  4. Get your residence registration confirmation.

Which steps are necessary to register your residence in Hamburg

German bureaucracy is not easy. We are here to help you!

Step 1:

Sign your rental contract

You made it and got an apartment in Hamburg? Congratulations. Don’t forget to get a confirmation from your landlord that you have moved in. You will need this later.

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Step 2:


You moved in. You must register your residence at a Hamburg Citizens’ Office within 14 days of your suit.

Step 3:

Fill out forms and other documents

You will need some forms for your appointment – among other things the registration form for you (and your family). You have problems filling out the german form? We are happy to help you!

Step 4:

Book an appointment

You have all the papers together? Wonderful, now you need an appointment with a city hall. A residence registration is only possible with an appointment.

Step 5:

Go to the appointment

Be sure to be on time and have your appointment number ready. This will be displayed as soon as it is your turn. The room number or the responsible workplace is displayed. Now submit all documents there.

Step 6:

Receive your confirmation

After checking the documents and entering them into the computer system, you will receive a certificate of residence registration. You’ve done it!

Book an appointment at Bürgeramt in Hamburg

We strongly recommend that you make an appointment at the Bürgeramt before your visit. If there is no free appointment on that day (which is the rule), you will be sent home. Registration is mandatory within 14 days after moving in.

I. How to book an appointment at Hamburg Bürgeramt

There are three ways you can make an appointment at a Hamburg Bürgeramt. Unfortunately all the options are only available in German.

We recommend the online appointment booking. We’ll help you!

Book an appointment online

The electronic appointment system offers you the possibility to make an appointment with a public authority online.

Hamburg is growing at a rapid pace and with it the demands on the administration. Hamburg’s citizens’ offices have been prepared for this challenge in terms of personnel. The aim is to achieve the goal of providing every customer with an appointment at the Bürgeramt within 14 days if required.

It is also worthwhile to check the calendar of appointments repeatedly for free dates. If the daily organisation in the Citizen’s Offices allows it, new additional appointments are set up every day, which you can book for your concern – even at short notice.

In case of requests with a legal deadline (e.g. in case of registration/change of residence), the confirmation of the booked appointment is already considered as proof for the adherence to the deadline. You are not committing an administrative offence, even if your request is only processed at the Bürgeramt after the deadline has been exceeded.

Book an appointment by telephone

Simply dial 040-115 without area code from a Hamburg landline or your mobile phone in the Hamburg area. The Hamburg 040-115 Service Center can now also be reached directly from outside Hamburg by calling 040-115 (from the fixed network and from many mobile networks).

You can reach Bürgertelefon 1040-115 Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 19:00 hours.

Book an appointment in Person

We recommend that you book an appointment in advance online or by telephone and do not go to the Bürgerbüro without an appointment.

If today’s online appointments are fully booked, this also applies to appointments at local residents’ registration offices on site. In these cases, please switch to another citizens’ office in the city or postpone your visit to another day.

The number of free capacities (still) available on the day of the appointment is naturally reduced more and more towards the end of opening hours. Therefore, it is possible that, depending on the number of visitors, a visit without an appointment may not be possible on the same day.

Should a visit to a citizens’ office nevertheless be necessary urgently and without an appointment being made, the staff in all citizens’ offices will in any case make a proposal for clarification of the respective concerns in a personal meeting.

II. Choose your Hamburg Kundenzentrum and book an appointment online

In Hamburg there are several citizens’ offices per district. Choose the ones that suit you and then select “Termin buchen= Book appointment”. You will find detailed instructions below this text.

Hamburg is currently converting its online appointment service. Not all customer centres have yet been integrated into the new system. This will happen gradually. We update our list regularly.

Hamburg Mitte

Bezirksamt Hamburg-Mitte

Book the next possible appointment in Bezirksamt Hamburg-Mitte

Book an appointment

Caffamacherreihe 1-3
20355 Hamburg

Hamburg Nord

Bezirksamt Hamburg-Nord

Book the next possible appointment in Bezirksamt Hamburg-Nord

Book an appointment

Lenhartzstraße 28
20249 Hamburg


Bezirksamt Harburg

Book the next possible appointment in Bezirksamt Harburg

Book an appointment

Harburger Rathausforum 3
21073 Hamburg


Bezirksamt Langenhorn

Book the next possible appointment in Langenhorn

Book an appointment

Langenhorner Markt 7
22415 Hamburg


Bezirksamt Wilhelmsburg

Book the next possible appointment in Wilhelmsburg

Book an appointment

Mengestraße 19
21107 Hamburg

III. Step by step to the appointment (instructions)

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IV. Please bring the following documents with you:

To make the appointment as easy as possible for you, you will also receive an ebook in our registration package, in which we have translated the most important terms and sentences into German and English. With this list the appointment becomes a child’s play. If you still have concerns, you can also authorize a third person to do the registration for you. The power of attorney is also included in our package.

  1. identity card and – if available – passport of the person to be registered
  2. Registration form from the Residents’ Registration Office
  3. child IDs and/or birth certificates of the children accompanying the applicant
  4. Rental or purchase agreement
  5. Confirmation of move-in by the landlord/main tenant (if you are not named in the rental agreement)
  6. Marriage certificate (if available)