Household Contents Insurance

Getsafe – Mobile Insurance

Even if the world breaks down tomorrow – You will already be safe today.


The Getsafe household insurance covers all of you personal goods within your apartment. In case of storm damages, fire, flood or burglary we take care that your belongings will be replaced.

What’s the deal for you?

Getsafe wants to make the insurance experience as simple as possible. Therefore, everything can be handled within an app. From signing up for an insurance until the point filing a claim.

What is important?

  • Only pay what you really need.
  • Every documents and information on your phone.
  • No fixed contract period.
  • English-speaking customer support.
  1. Following the link on this website to sign up for a household (contents) insurance
  2. Download the Getsafe app.
  3. Sign into the app with your email address.
  4. Stays safe with Getsafe

It’s as simple as that.

Get insured without much effort.
Download the app → get your coverage → be insured.
It’s insurance – just simple.

As an expat you don’t want to waste your time for searching for the right insurance. You just want to be safe and no administrative paperwork.

A household (contents) insurance from Getsafe covers:

Insured Risks

  • Storm, fire, flood damages
  • Burglary
  • Damage caused by tap water

Insured Things

  • Furnishings, clothing, household objects
  • Valuables up to 30% of the sum insured
  • We offer you fair prices, super service, no tricks with your contracts, and the perfect product for your needs.

For employees: From 1 January 2015, there are new regulations in place governing contributions to statutory health insurance. Employers and employees pay an equal share towards the standard rate of premium of 14.6 per cent that applies throughout Germany.

Above and beyond this, each health insurance fund can charge an individual additional premium, which is paid by the policyholder alone. TK’s additional premium is set at only 0.7 per cent. As employee, you pay 8.2 per cent of your gross monthly income, while your employer pays 7.3 per cent of it.

The total contribution of 15.5 per cent is collected by your employer as part of payroll settlement. The contribution towards long-term care insurance is 3.05 per cent. People over the age of 23 who have no children pay an additional premium of 0.25 per cent.

For students: As a student, you are well secured for a favorable student contribution. Care insurance and health insurance 90,02 € per month; if you are older than 23 years 91,64 €.