4 Things you MUST do in Berlin in Spring 2024!

Always going to the same places? Interested in exploring something new? Great! In this article, I will tell you about my 4 favourite things to do in Berlin during spring time.

Ranging from my (secret!) favourite pizza place, a great green spot to read a book, where to dance in the open air, and how to experience organic gardening with hipsters in Kreuzberg…

The sun is out, temperatures rise: Explore some of Berlin’s hidden places!

Can you imagine a life…

…without waking up early from the sunlight with a smile on your face?

…without waiting for the evening to catch the beginning of sunset with a hazelnut ice cream in your hand?

…without missing the last tram on purpose to walk home, while listening to your favorite music?

Most people can’t. Especially so, Berliners.

Based on my experience, I give you some prompts to boost your imagination and push you outside even if today you’re lazy, tired or not in the mood.

People in Berlin just love the warm season. No matter how fashionable they are, Berliners leave behind heavy jackets and bulky sweaters as a snake shed the old skin. Remember, soon enough you will be grumbling in the cold again. Don’t be late for the warm bustling of city life in Berlin!

things you must do in Berlin in spring
For Open Air lovers in Berlin that like techno mus: Sage beach open air

#1 Enjoy music & food outdoors in Berlin – Go to the Sage beach open air

For Open Air lovers in Berlin that like techno music…

This is one of the events that brings you great new connections, leaves good memories as well as a feeling of a careless pleasure.

Indeed, Sage Beach Open Air in Berlin is part of the famous Watergate club. But it is not quite the same… The location is not far from the famous Oberbaumbrücke.

As such, there is a wonderful view on the Spree river and the Berlin wall. Once in a while from May onwards, the place rises into a voyage on the smooth techno waves…

Go and check out their website!

Why you should go to the Sage Beach in Berlin!

Random Fact

Don’t mix it up with the Sage club!… which is located nearby – but it’s a whole different story.

If you come to the Sage open air beach out of curiosity on an average weekend, first you find a stony statue of the Buddha and a posh restaurant with an outside area. Great for food. Nice, but not really berlinish.

Honestly, if you want to dance and listen to great music. Then simply plan to come by for a concert in the open-air – you will notice the difference.

Good to know

Indeed, the crowd here is very diverse – friends, families with dogs, techno lovers, inquisitive travelers. It may seem strange in the beginning, but soon you will feel all people are bound together by this special siesta atmosphere.

You would have never guessed

If you come early, already on the way there you will hear not only some groovy sounds, but also some appetizing savor.

The food is cooked outside and there is always a small line of people with plates asking for seconds. As such, dishes are light and always fit the mood of the party. Last time it was paella with sea food – simply perfect!

When, where, how?

You should go, if…you are not necessarily a regular ‘clubber’, but still enjoy a nice dance music
Opening time Sage Beach BerlinTuesday – Saturday from 15:00 weather permitting
Price €€€~ 13 Euros for the entrance
LocationKöpenicker Str. 18-20, 10997 Berlin, Germany
My fav things about Sage Beach Open AirA big statue of a ship is located in the sand in the center of the area. It is used sometimes as a platform to dance, sometimes as a DJs’ location. It makes Sage your own little steady place to let yourself go : )

Give it a shot! Click here for the 360° tour!! It’s amazing!

pizza place berlin germany
Authentic italian pizza in Berlin

#2 Enjoy my favourite pizza place in Berlin – at the authentic Italian restaurant Standard Serious Pizza

As trivial as this may sound – Standard Serious Pizza is the most authentic and delicious pizza in Berlin I’ve ever tried.

Accidently, I passed by that place a year ago. Since then I always advise people to go there and try it out.

Why? Well, it’s never happened they didn’t like the amazing taste of Salamissima. According to my view, it is practically impossible not to feel that the pizza dough is prepared with heart…

Make sure to enjoy a glass of a vino rosato frizzante. Particularly on a Saturday evening this makes a joyful preparation to some midnight dancing…

Indeed, this Italian restaurant is also a perfect location for organising a date in Berlin! Perfect for just a glass of wine and a nice talk…

Click here to see their website!

Why I love this romantic Berliner pizza place…

Random Fact

The way the pizza looks and the way it tastes will positively surprise you. It is not a Roman type of pizza, but a dedicated Neapolitan pizza cooked in the oven only for 60 seconds. Plus, you get the most delightful service in town!

Good to know

Its minimalistic though stylish design won’t distract you from enjoying the hot chewy cheese on these slices. Only one remark – better book a table. Even with a nice outside area during the warm season it may be crowded.

You would have never guessed…

The crew enjoys so much the process they call themselves one big Italian family and this is another thing to make your meal special!

When, where, how? – Eating Italian Pizza in Berlin

If you arePizza lover who wants to take things a step further
DurationAll year long, perfect and less busy in Spring-Summer
Opening Time Standard Pizza Berlin until 17:00 more places available
Price €€Around 13 Euros for a pizza (check the menu on the website!) www.standard-berlin.de
LocationTemplinerstrasse 7, Torstraße 102 & schlüterstraße 63
You won’t find at any other pizza place5 Formaggio and more exotic tastes!

Nothing left to say – better go and try on the next weekend. Or right now : )

#3 Time to relax at my favourite green park in Berlin – welcome to Volkspark Rehberge!

One of my favourite places to take visitors in Berlin is Volkspark Rehberge. Some people call it ‘the park of the Prussians’, the “Preußenpark”.

It is one of about 2500 parks in Berlin. I understood how lucky I was to move to Wedding only after a while – once I discovered how green it was!

I love nature and for me it was an absolute blast having 4 (!) big parks in the area. These are Plansche, Goethe Park, Schiller Park and Volkspark Rehberge.

Extremely peaceful and still rather empty, Volkspark Rehberge dazzled me with its unique atmosphere created by surrounding nature.

Walking along, it came to my mind I’ve never seen so many types of flowers elsewhere.

The air was sweet – In this video you can get an impressions.

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More Information

Best place for going running, reading a book and relaxing in the sun…

Random Fact

The park was constructed in 1929 and covers 78 hectares. It is huge! Goethepark is located nearby, and together they cover 115 hectares of beautiful landscape, protected by the government.

Good to know

Indeed, it’s really easy to get lost. No kidding! Don’t forget a compass!

You would have never guessed…

Honestly, this one is different from the well-known city parks. They are popular, within easy rich, here and there music and movement.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a place to enjoy yourself, hide form the city noises with your favorite book or spend some romantic time with a closed one, that’s exactly what you need.

When, where, how? – Visit Volkspark Berlin Rehberge!

Go to Rehberge, if you are……the city-type looking for some rest
When is it open?You’re welcomed all year long, but no flowers in Winter
Opening time Berlin Rehberge ParkA matter of taste. I would say noon, when the Sun is mild and it’s time for a picnic branch
Entry costNo special expenses
How to get to the park?Windhuker Str. 52A, 13351 Berlin, Germany
My favourite thing about this park!Apart from the nature, there is a lake, an Rehberge open-air cinema hidden inside, and a small animal park, if you will

#4 Dive into Alice in Wonderland in Berlin… Explore the artsy project at Prinzessinnengarten in Kreuzberg!

Walking a visiting friend through the streets of Kreuzberg, I turned my head, looked closely and said “I wish I had all this plants on my balcony!”

Once in a while you have to be an Alice in a Wonderland…

So we decided to enter Prinzessinnengarten…Out of nowhere, in the city center, there appeared a huge garden. People were watering flowers, taking care of them, talking and having fun.

As I found out later, these were the activists, who had once created Prinzessinnengarten – out of an empty urban piece of land. Berlin is a passionate city calling for piece, nature protection and a healthy lifestyle.

So, if you want to experience the hipster part of the city, you definitely need this experience…

… With this video you can get an impression!

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More Information

For hipsters: Discover Berlin’s organic garden @Prinzessinnengarten

Random Fact

Typically, for Berlin and with a note of hippy, everything is decorated nicely. As such, you have a feeling you are at your own countryside garden and all these people around are your friends.

Good to know

In the past several years, similar organic gardens started to appear one after another.

For instance, “Himmelbeet” (Sky Bed, www.himmelbeet.de) sounds pretty interesting too, so you may find a similar ecological partnership in your area.

You would have never guessed…

As volunteers put it, the story behind the project was to “experiment and discover more about organic food production, biodiversity and climate protection”.

You can learn, you can even grow something by yourself there or buy seeds.

Check it out here, https://prinzessinnengarten.net

When, where, how? Princess Garden / Prinzessinnengarten

You will probably love this, if you are……into nature and like gardening or just want to have fun and chill after exploring the city!
When can I go there?April/May-October
Opening times of Prinzessinnengarten From 10am till 10pm!
How much is it?The entrance is free, the prices for plants vary, but overall the place is cheap and welcoming
LocationPrinzenstraße 35 – 38 / Prinzessinnenstr. 15 (U8 Moritzplatz), 10969 Berlin, Germany
What I love about PrinzessinnengartenSomething to add to your list of hobbies! 😉 Accompanied with a nice music and a small food area under the trees. From now on every second Sunday the garden is closed, however on some weekend there is now also a Flohmarkt (flea market).

If you are as curious and creative as me – try it out!

Lastly.. Berlin highlights for visitors, tourists and locals…

Overall, I think Berlin is one of the best cities for adventurously-minded people. There are so many things you can do. This is obviously also the case for tourists who may only have a few days in Berlin. 

Especially during spring time, there are lots of visitors and tourists in Berlin. All of them wonder: What is the best thing to see, the best thing to do? Berlin so big and can motivate you to find out more and more, by trying out new things and learning about them all the time.